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Dibba Island, Dibba Rock:
Dibba Rock is a steep protected rock formation filled with animal and invertebrate life.


Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in United Arab Emirates.

Dibba Island, Dibba Rock

Rated 4.7, 6 votes

Dibba Island, Dibba Rock and Ras Dibba are names for the same dive location, a small island and dive site just offshore Fujairah. Luckily the surroundings of the islands are saved from fishermen and shell collectors. Coral life is phenomenal and colorful with branches of porous mountain corals and brain corals. Marine life is diverse with eagle rays, clown fish hiding in anemones, jaw fish, turtles, several types of reef sharks and huge moray eels. Night diving packages are easily arranged. ...

Inchcape 1

Rated 4.2, 5 votes

The Inchcape I is a small artificial reef that was officially created here in December 12, 2001. It is a steel vessel originally named Gray Swift 2 when she was built in the United Stated by Halter Marine. It was brought to Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah in 1971/1972 and renamed to its current name in 1991 when she was used as a cargo vessel. The company Inchcape Shipping, hence the dive sites name, used it for transporting both goods and passengers to and from several oil rigs just offshore Dubai and Fu...

Shark Island

Rated 3.9, 8 votes

Shark Island is located just offshore Khor Fakkan offering a great day or multiple day trip from shore. It is possible to spend the night on the island and visit the excellent white beaches which are great for snorkeling, diving and swimming. You can enjoy a great view after climbing the twenty meter hike to the top of the island. There are several dive sites near the island; Shark Drift, Coral Gardens and Anemone Gardens are just a few of the more famous ones. Blacktip reef sharks, cow-tail ray...

Martini Rock

Rated 4.0, 3 votes

Martini Rock is one of the best known dive sites in the United Arab Emirates, just south of Khorfakkan (Khawr Fakkan), Martini Bay. It is a huge pinnacle rising from 22 meters deep to 3 meters deep just below the surface. This makes the top of the rock perfect for a safety stop. Most dive plans follow the same route, dropping down to the bottom, making a thirty minutes dive around the rock while diving shallower and shallower. You will be kickfinning along its sandy channels and gullies until yo...

UAE East Coast

Rated 3.5, 2 votes

The east coast of the United Arab Emirates is a small section lying in between two regions of Oman, the Musandam Peninsula and the region surrounding Musqat. Towns that tourists might know in this area are Dibba, Khor Fakkan with its access to Shark Island and Fujeirah. Fujeirah is one of the seven emirates being the only one which is not surrounded by deserts but by mountains making it a green village with a lot of farming opportunities. It is easy to book daytrips from Dubai although we recomm...


Rated 2.9, 11 votes

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the best known emirates of the UAE, United Arab Emirates. It is a gem for architects and hosts some of the most impressive buildings in the world. The Burj Dubai or Dubai Tower is going to be 818 meters tall and will be the number one tallest manmade skyscraper in the world. Another well known project is the world's islands creations in front of the coast and hotels such as Dubai Palm Island. You can also visit Jumeirah Mosqu...

Car Cemetery

Rated 3.2, 4 votes

Car Cemetery is a very interesting dive site you won't find elsewhere in the world. About twenty minutes north of Khor Fakkan you will literally find hundreds or car wrecks which have been dumped all next to each other in 1988. There are over two hundred cars spread out on a circular area creating a graveyard the size of a football field. It is a haven for macroscopic photographers as there are many different species living and hiding in the cracks and holes that have appeared at this artif...